Swimming Pool Service

We offer either weekly or bi-weekly pool service and maintenance.

 We use only the highest quality chemicals to keep your pool looking clean and clear! 

Hammerhead Pool Service

Proudly serving Delaware County and Chester County! 

When equipment fails we're here to make sure there's no delay in your swimming season

 Whether it's pumps, filters, automation, or plumbing- we can fix it all! Call Hammerhead Pool Service today to find out why we're the best swimming pool service company there is!

Opening and closing your pool are two of the most important days of the pool season! 

We offer no hassle openings and closings.  This includes removing or installing the cover, properly winterizing or summerizing the equipment, cleaning any debris, and balancing the water chemistry.

Pool Repair and upgrades

Openings and Closings

Kennett Square, PA, United States